Tell Us About Your Book Group

Ashland, Oregon, is rumored to be home to over two hundred book groups—that’s one for every hundred residents. We think that’s fantastic and want to learn more about who’s reading and who’s reading what.

So tell us about your book club. Send an email (edbattistella[AT-SIGN]gmail-dot-com), a Facebook message to Literary Ashland or post a reply below.

Oh, and we won’t share and information about you or your group. But we will summarize what we’ve learned at next year’s 2016 Ashland Book and Author Festival. Here’s the quick and easy survey.

1. Does your book group have a name? (and, if so, what is that name):

2. How large is your group?

3. What sort of books do you read?

4. Would you be interested in a follow up blog interview or radio interview about your group?

5. Do you ever invite authors to your book group?

About Ed Battistella

Edwin Battistella’s latest book Dangerous Crooked Scoundrels was released by Oxford University Press in March of 2020.
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