Non-words for December

We made it. Here are the Non-words for December. Thanks Bobby Arellano, Brian Wagner and Leroy Fulwiler. There’s more non-word fun to come, including some non-words that didn’t make it. So stay tuned.

    peasle, v. to object to every new idea on the basis that it has been tried before. 1 Dec

    fregenyms, n. words or phrases with different meanings but the same reference (the Morning Star and the Evening Star). 2 Dec.

    decembreditorial, n. a retread holiday reflection on the meaning of giving or appropriate season’s greetings. 3 Dec

    dreamonstrative, adj. extremely gesticulatory sleep, with or without vocal accompaniment. 4 Dec

    capacability, n. the ability to have capacity to do something, if properly funded (thanks to Brian Wagner). 5 Dec

    humorality, to reconsider whether a joke is worth telling even if it seems funny to you. 6 Dec

    cougarageously, adv. describing the behavior of women who flirt with much younger men. 7 Dec

    adjunctivitis: when an underpaid teacher w/o benefits gives a tenure-tracker the stinkeye (courtesy of Robt Arellano) 8 Dec

    apopostrophe, n. a series of incorrectly used apostrophes in a piece of writing. 9 Dec

    thriddle, v. to cough repeatedly on a cold day to clear the lungs. 10 Dec

    slothendipity, n. to achieve a fortunate result due to procrastication. 11 Dec

    criterisize, v. to establish criteria for the evaluation of something. 12 Dec

    outst, v. to oust someone from a position by revealing a potentially embarrassing secret of theirs. 13 Dec

    vigilantry, n. to wait up for a family member to return home. 14 Dec

    whelc, v. to wait a long time until someone runs out of words before asking a question. 15 Dec

    ethicatious, adj. events for which good behavior is both right and efficient. 16 Dec

    dystropic, adj. proneness to mixed metaphors. 17 Dec

    snattered, adj. to be enslaved by one’s data even if it is wrong. 18 Dec

    bossculation, n. when the person in charge of strategy or policy changes their mind so often as to be
    disruptive. 19 Dec

    anarcissist, n. one who believe that only in complete anarchy will his or her true value be perceived. 20 Dec

    mayaintism, n. the ironic sense of disappointment that arises when end-of-the-world predictions don’t come true. 21 Dec

    advocracy, n. a form of management or government in which the loudest voices get their way. 22 Dec

    gastimate, v. to judge whether you have enough fuel to make it to the next service area as you pass up a current one. Dec 23

    santasms, n. the Christmas Eve imagined sightings of St. Nick by young children. 24 Dec

    presentensial, adj. referring to something happening right now. 25 Dec

    vomotion, n. the undulations of a car or plane that cause motion sickness. 26 Dec

    larmth, adj. being both approachable and inaccessible (from lukewarmth). 27 Dec

    disparation, n. to have so many distinct, competing options that one is unable to come to a descision. 28 Dec

    commadeify, v. to be religiously devoted to certain rules of usage and treat them as commodities at the same time. 29 Dec

    goshblame, v. to employ minced oaths, like dad-blamed or gosh darned, rather than the full-throated alternative. Dec 30

    dangover, n. queasy feeling you get waking the day after having screwed up in some profound manner (thanks L Fulwiler). Dec 31

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