Non-Words for August

Here are the Non-Words for August. I’ve made it through month eight, which included at the beginning a vacation to the Idaho desert and at the end five days with a fever.

Thanks to Jennifer Marcellus, Rebecca Ann Bartlett, Lesley Hopper, Charlotte Hadella, William della Santina, Cara Ungar, and Amy Miller for their non-words.

    glind, v. to simultaneously grind and glide. 1 Aug

    twoops, n. a pre-programmed tweet that suddenly becomes inappropriate in the context of that day’s news. 2 Aug

    biofullia, v. to have had too much of the great outdoors. 3 Aug

    eluct, v. to avoid (also, eluctable, adj., able to be avoided or resisted-backformations of ineluctable). 4 Aug

    undermood, n. insufficient pride in one’s accomplishments (cf. Old Eng. “overmod,” and thanks to Jennifer Marcellus). 5 Aug

    cudgole, v. to persuade someone to move along by displaying a nightstick but not actually using it. 6 Aug

    dwin, n. the flat monotone of one who knows many languages. 7 Aug

    exvestigate, v. to outsource one’s research, inquiry or investigation to consultants. 8 Aug

    wretchword, n. TV character’s catchphrase used with the intent of producing annoyance (eg, Rob Lowe’s “literally”). 9 Aug

    widle, v. to move with one’s widest part side first in a blustery advance (“He widled up to the woman at the bar.”) 10 Aug

    birch, v. to walk by someone and pretend you don’t see him/her (thanks, Rebecca Ann Bartlett). 11 Aug

    Augdust n. superheated, dry summer weather carrying dirt and debris on hot winds. 12 Aug

    caren’tless adj. to do something in an “I couldn’t care less” manner. 13 Aug

    vitup n. (pronounced “vit-TOOP”) prolonged verbal abuse or severe censure (clipping of vituperate). 14 Aug

    dogmanic, adj. to willingly have your life taken over by a dog’s needs (thanks Lesley Hopper). 15 Aug

    cananity, n. to treat dogs better than people [from inane plus canine, thanks to Charlotte Hadella]. 16 Aug

    huscular adj. of a boy, husky evolving to muscular; of a man, muscular devolving to husky [tks William della Santina] 17 Aug

    rainmanliness n. the demonstration of savant-like abilities (overheard from Cara Ungar on Facebook). 18 Aug

    ekleptic, adj. to compulsively steal ideas and opinions from a wide variety of sources. 19 Aug

    fanupsmanship n. to outfan others with arcane knowledge of some sport, pastime or popular genre. 20 Aug

    ideoligarch, n. one who must have his or her ideas validated. 21 Aug

    terroneous adj. mistaken for a terrorist, or to mistakenly terrorize. 22 Aug

    debonoir, adj. displaying the charm and smarm of a 1940s movie villain. 23 Aug

    hakkle, noun or verb, the ability of most pets and some people to feel a command before it is made. 24 Aug

    schlubeezer n. [faux Yiddish] someone whom retirement does no good. 25 Aug

    hwin, n. the sound of fingers on whiskers. 26 Aug

    foreforgive, v. to anticipate that someone is going to do something wrong and forgive them in advance. 27 Aug

    confligate, adj. to be excessively thrifty or cheap; or to hoard money. 28 Aug

    autocowreck, n. a linguistic infelicity caused by an aggressive autocorrect feature. 29 Aug

    polyphones, n. words (like “economics” or “either”) that have more than one acceptable pronunciation. 30 Aug

    febreesia, n. a sweet scent that you first think is fresh flowers, then realize is air freshener. Thanks to Amy Miller. 31 Aug

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