Kudos to our Spring Guest Speakers

The spring term has just about come to an end and I want to take a minute to thank our terrific History of Publishing guest lecturers this term. Each of them helped us to home in on what is going on in the publishing and book industry today. We’ll check in with some of them at the Ashland Book and Author Festival next week.

    Geoff Ridden, author and audiobook narrator for Bee Audio

    Tim Wohlforth, mystery author of Harry, The Pink Tarantula, and No Time to Mourn (just released by Krill Press

    Mary Jane Cedar Face, special collection librarian at Souhtenr Oregon Universtiy.

    Midge Raymond & John Yunker, award-winning authors and founders of Ashland Creek Press (and I’m looking forward to reading Midge’s book Everyday Writing)

    Rick Bleiweiss & Craig Black of Blackstone Audio

    Ryan W. Bradley, author (Code for Failure), publisher (Artistically Declined Press) & book designer

    Sheila Burns, cofounder of Ashland’s Bloomsbury Books

    Steve Scholl, founder of White Cloud Press

    Molly Tinsley, author (of the recently released Entering the Blue Stone, among other things) and publisher, FUZE Publishing

    Kristen Johnson, SOU Bookstore Textbook Manager

    Robin Conrad and Susan Dethridge, Ingram Content Group

    Melissa Michaels, Michaels & Michaels Creative, LLC

    Michael Niemann, author of “Africa Always Needs Guns” in Vengeance, the 2012 Mystery Writers of America anthology

    Samantha Niemeyer, copywriter at Fire Mountain Gems

    Kevin Walsh, rare book dealer


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