Writing of the Ghostly Nature

First, let me say that I had no idea ghostwriting could be so successful financially. I also did not realize how much work is actually put into creating a text. I mean I knew ghostwriting took a lot of work, but I did not know how much.

I think Laura Young did a fantastic presentation about book packagers and ghostwriting. There is defiantly more to both than meets the eye. From a previous presentation with Tim Wohlforth, I assumed book packagers just put together books, by providing editorial work, designing the book, and printing the book. I did not realize that they hired writers as well. Truthfully, for book packagers to hire writers of the ghostly/anonymous nature makes sense as book packagers need to carry the workload that publishers have given them. I do not think that the original authors of successful series have the time or energy to produce a fast-paced energetic book every month. Laura mentioned that in her ghostwriting ventures the common turnaround for a book was 6 weeks. I cannot imagine writing a book in 6 weeks. I cannot even imagine finishing a book, as I have tried several times and successfully failed.

However, while I might not be suited for a ghostwriting career, I still think it is a wonderful way for new writers to get into the market. Ghostwriting seems to pay well enough, even though it is a flat rate rather than a percentage of the royalties. It also gives writers the opportunity to adapt to different situations, tones, voices etc…, and it shows future employers/publishers that they (the writers) can work within a deadline. I defiantly think ghostwriting can be a wonderful learning experience, and I might try it someday, but I doubt I will make a career out of it. After all, if I am going to write a masterpiece I would like to have credit for it.


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Edwin Battistella’s latest book Dangerous Crooked Scoundrels was released by Oxford University Press in March of 2020.
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