25 ways e-readers can’t beat books

A friend just posted this link on Facebook, and I thought it particularly relevant to our class:  25 ways e-readers can’t beat books.

The read is more fun than anything, as the arguments most of the points make are based on nostalgia, on the perception of books that a culture raised on books have.  For example, number 9: “The book can be autographed by its author.”  It isn’t necessary for books to exist just so we can have them autographed.  It’s awesome, and who doesn’t love owning autographed books, but it isn’t functional.

There are some valid points such as number 14: “The book’s printed editions are traceably distinct, a defense against manipulations of fact or history.”

Then again, some points are just silly or vain: “The book complements your mantelpiece.”  *facepalm*

It is a fun read though, and for the traditional book lovers among us, it brings up some good stuff.  I understand that e-readers will become much more commonplace, but I doubt that the book-book will ever die out (maybe that’s wishful thinking, but then again maybe people like me will keep the book-book going for as long as possible).

Oh, and the comment posted on the website makes some good points in opposition to the author’s statements.  Not all the arguments are great, but worth a read.

Another afterthought: I noticed the article used the word “ephemera.”  Ever since the man from Ephemera (sorry, I can’t remember his name) visited our class, I’ve been seeing the word EVERYWHERE.  One of those things.

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