I just found out about a UK website called Unbound.  It’s an interesting new way to get books published.  Right now, you still have to have an agent in order to be an author on the site, but the site’s FAQ suggests this may change in the future.  Basically, an author outlines their book idea on the site, and you can bid money to support it.  There are different levels of support, and depending on how much you pay, you can get perks, including attending launch parties, etc.  If the author reaches a certain number of supporters and funding, he/she starts writing the book.  Ultimately, when the book is finished, you can choose between getting an e-book or book book.  Once you bid, you’re basically involved in the author’s creative steps.  You can make suggestions, keep updated on what the author is doing, etc.  I think this is a pretty cool idea.  There’s another site, called Kickstarter, that more or less follows the same idea, but with general creative projects and not specifically books.  Hopefully Unbound follows in Kickstarter’s ways, allowing the general person off of the street an opportunity to have their book funded and published.

Oh, and another thing!  I know the term is generally over, but I was wondering if we could keep this blog going as a class, unless there’s a fall term History of Pub. class that’s going to take it over instead.  I would like to keep occasionally posting stuff throughout the summer and into fall.  Would this be a possibility?

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Edwin Battistella’s latest book Dangerous Crooked Scoundrels was released by Oxford University Press in March of 2020.
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  1. Hi Courtney–

    Yes, we’ll continue Literary Ashland into the future; I’m hoping you all read and discuss events, books and ideas.

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