I have largely enjoyed this course.  While it was not exactly what I expected it to be–I thought the course would cover advances or changes in the history of publishing–I liked the seminar style of the class and learned much valuable information from the guest speakers.

I particularly enjoyed the Ingram folks’ discussion of their business and their on demand printing, which I had never before heard of.  I may look into the titles they have available and perhaps order some rare books I have not been able to find anywhere, such as a book called From Hitler to Uncle Sam, which discusses how the American government benefited from the grotesque and inumane medical and scientific experiments the Nazis perpetrated on concentration camp inmates. 

I also enjoyed learning about local publishers, of whom I was unaware until I took this course.  I appreciated the talks from the people at Ashland Creek Press and White Cloud Press.

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Edwin Battistella’s latest book Dangerous Crooked Scoundrels was released by Oxford University Press in March of 2020.
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