Emerging Media & Digital Arts Minor

I found Bobby Arellano’s visit to our classroom very interesting.  In particular, the new Emerging Media and Digital Arts minor has caught my attention.  This minor will allow me to expand my English degree to include a media component.  Also, having already taken Writing 327: Technical Writing, Writing 329: Grant Writing and Workplace Literacy, and Writing 455: History of Publishing, I only need to complete 16 additional credits to receive this minor (EMDA 201, 202, 203 and 350).

Also, the concept of a hypertext novel blends the skills of English and Digital Arts. I may create a hypertext novel as one of the projects I will be required to make in the Emerging Media and Digital Arts courses I will be taking in the new academic year.  The online poetry, created by Ian Hatcher, that Arellano used as an example of a way to blend poetry and a live-action story, much like the create-your-own-adventure books, is something I would like to try and reproduce.  I believe that this type of art has many possibilities and I look forward to exploring them.

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