Ghost Developing

Ghost writing has been extensively researched. However, what could be categorized as “ghost writing” in other industries? There are large corporations who are under a singular name but have many employees, so it’s hard to understand what to categorize as ghost writing in the context of developing, writing, painting, or creating in any way.

Below is a list of many tasks that could be/are considered as ghost-creation.

  • Writing
  • Developing
  • Painting
  • Game creation
  • Academic
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Websites
  • Etc. . .


The ghost writing in these types include a wide variety of tasks in these companies, such as:

  • Figure making

This refers mainly to the figures used in tabletop gaming or complex board games, also including the 3D modeling of action figures from a series. One author or artist may not do the designs or create the figures, even though their name goes on the packaging.

  • Character development

The back-story of a character (in games, not necessarily film or books) is often developed by other sources.

  • Character design

There is often a large group of employees who concentrate solely on creating the physical figures and also the designs of each character. This includes game art, but also books with cover art and tabletop gaming figures.

  • Backgrounds

Many times in history, now-famous painters had large squads of other artists, commonly apprentices, working on different sections of their art that specialize in backgrounds, wildlife, water, clothing, and many other features in a painting. Today, this can be seen in some different artworks: though many still remain a mystery.

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