‘Fictitious Dishes’ Captures the Essence of Classic Books Through Food Photography


Above is the link for an article which I came across in the Huffington Post recently.

Basically, the article discusses how Dinah Fried’s new photography series, Fictitious Dishes, “embraces food as a means of transportation to the fictional worlds of some very delicious novels.” Each photograph does not represent the mean exactly as it is described in the novel, but rather “aims to capture the essence of each novel.”

The first picture in the slide show depicts a scene from J. D. Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye,” in which Holden Caulfield stops at a drug store and orders a cheese sandwich and a malted after a very bad date. This photo is simplistic, a little rustic, and very Holdenish. I really recommend you go to the website and look at the rest of the slideshow, it is a really beautiful compilation.

I love when fields of intersect intersect like this.  I think it’s an amazing way to introduce classic literature in a new and modern way. I think it’s what helps the classic survive, this constant revisiting and reinvention. Photographs such as these help bring literature to life.

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