Global Progress Towards E-Books

Above ^ is the link to a recent news article that I came across.

The article discusses the global trend of e-books and e-book marketing. The focus of the article is Taiwan, which even though it are about three to five years behind the US in terms of having a large digital audience, is expected to  have over two million dollars in sales of E-books by 2015. Yu Kuo-ting, chairman of the Taipei-based Taiwan E-book Association, stated that even though there is starting to be a global trend towards e-Books and digital readers, “the demand for traditional books is always there.”

I thought is was very interesting how even in other countries there still remains the argument that traditional print books will never really go out of business. I, as a book lover and print enthusiast, sincerely hope that there is legitimacy in these claims of safety for the book publishing world. However, a part of me does wish that there was more to back these statements other than people liking the “smell” of print books, as the end of the article suggests. But at the end of the day, I suppose I too enjoy smelling my bookshelf.

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