Thoughts on Travel Writing-Jennifer Margulis

After listening to guest speaker Jennifer Margulis’s presentation, I realized what a great opportunities freelance writing can bring about. Her experience of traveling to Niger to document the story of the giraffes for the Smithsonian was inspiring. There doesn’t seem to be much security in freelance writing, but I believe writers are at their best when writing on  topics they’re passionate about.

Margulis listed the five elements of writing (strong characters, narrative arc, tension/drama, dialogue, character growth) and I never considered how these five could apply to non-fiction or technical writing, as they are generally guidelines for fiction. However, it makes perfect sense. Any good piece of writing, whether it be a newspaper article or a short story, includes these five elements.

I am considering researching the history of travel writing or perhaps a specific travel writer for my paper. I haven’t begun to look for resources, but I imagine they won’t be too difficult to find.

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