Reading/Presentation Response and A Paper Research Idea

I very much enjoyed Monday the 11th readings, particularly the article “How did public libraries get started.” I was captured by the last section “The public library today.” One of the lines in this section read “libraries are constantly faced with the problem of trying to do a lot with limited funding,” and this line struck my interest since ebooks are rising in popularity. Many libraries, including the Jackson County libraries, are beginning to lend ebooks to patrons and I am just wondering how the entire process works, from the publisher to acquisitions to the patron downloading the ebook on their reader, and then what potential problems might arise with libraries using ebooks.

The presentation with Craig and Rick from Blackstone Audio further enhanced my interest. Personally, I think audio books are fantastic. As of yet I have not purchased one, but the HD Read demo that Craig and Rick showed us made me think I will probably be purchasing one soon. And even if I don’t I imagine my future career as a librarian will be focused on working with ebooks and software like HD Read. As a result of my interest, I am thinking of looking into ebooks and libraries for my research paper, but since it is a fairly new topic I am concerned I will not be able to find enough reliable sources. The few that I have found seem promising however.

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