Eavan Boland to Read in Ashland

Irish poet Eavan Boland will read her work at the Mountain Avenue Theater (that’s at Ashland High School) on October 20th at 7:30 pm.

Boland is a Stanford University professor and the author of collections titled Domestic Violence, Against Love Poems, The Lost Land, Night Feed, and In Her Own Image, among others. She’s also written an autobiography titled Object Lessons: The Life of the Woman and the Poet in Our Time and a collection of essays called After Every War.

I’m just getting to know her work, but here’s a link to a nice interview on Caffeine Destiny, the online magazine produced by Portland writer by Susan Denning. And her first name, she says, is “pronounced as if it was two names, Eve and Ann–so it sounds like Eve-Ann when it’s said quickly.”

Eavan Boland’s reading is sponsored by Chautauqua Poets & Writers. Tickets are available at Bloomsbury Books, Bookwagon or Nimbus.

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