April Smith knows crime….

She studied FBI culture and techniques and has even trained with the FBI to learn what it’s like to deliver an arrest warrant or be in a hostage situation. She’s also an Emmy-nominated screen writer who wrote the ground-breaking series Cagney and Lacey (along with Chicago Hope, Lou Grant and a host of television movies). And of course she’s the author of the FBI special agent Ana Grey series of thrillers and the standalone baseball novel Be the One.

April Smith was in Ashland last week for a question-and-answer session at Bookwagon News and Used Books and a RVTV Noir interview with host Maryann Mason. Smith has family in Oregon and is a not infrequent visitor. Her Ana Grey series–North of Montana, Good Morning, Killer, and Judas Horse–now includes White Shotgun.

When we left Ana Grey in Judas Horse, she was battling terrorists based in eastern Oregon. In White Shotgun, Ana finds herself in Italy, where she meet her half-sister and deals with both the Mafias and the Italian police system. Ana learns more about her own mysterious past as she deals with criminals who make people disappear:White Shotgun is the Mafia term for a murder that leaves no trace—the victim disappears.

April Smith also reported that the second Ana Grey book Good Morning, Killer is being filmed as a TNT television movie this fall to be aired in November or December. Watch Literary Ashland for more news about her film project and visit April Smith’s blog for updates on the filming. Smith has written the screenplay will be the co-executive producer of the movie.

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