History of Publishing Presentations

I just wanted to let everyone know that I really enjoyed presentations today. I learned a bunch of new information about publishing and publishing related info. I wanted to point out somethings that I found interesting and I apologize for not knowing everyone’s names so I’m sorry if I got anyone’s names confused. Please feel free to leave a comment to correct me if I put the wrong name to a presentation. I really liked that Melody explained the difference between fantasy and science fiction because I have asked this question multiple times and I get a different answer every time. Melody’s definition was a big help! Hannah’s presentation on travel writing  was interesting. I had never thought of fiction pieces as travel writing pieces because I had never thought or heard of that before but it makes complete sense. Heather’s story about her editing experience was very informative. It gave a new look into how hard editing really is as a job and that it can be just as hard on the editor as the writer. Brett did an awesome job with giving a comprehensive history of e-books, the history of internet, and the combined history of the e-book and internet. Kirsten did an amazing job with showing censorship with a hint of humor which made the presentation that much more engaging. Sam’s presentation on the setup for making a small publishing company was extremely informative. The fact that writers can actually influence the image of a small publishing company was an interesting fact that I hadn’t realized before.

I am breezing through these really fast but I just wanted to give some feedback on the presentations. I thought they were all extremely well written, put together, and delivered. They were informative but entertaining at the same time! Good job all around!

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