Literary Ashland Kudos

A lot of congratulations to extend this month. Congratulations…

to Robert Arellano, whose forthcoming novel Curse the Names was reviewed by Kirkus Reviews and Publishers Weekly, which says “Arellano displays a sly, Hitchcockian touch.”

to Midge Raymond on her Pushcart Prize nomination from The Bellingham Review. Midge is a publisher and teacher as well as a writer, so check out the latest from Ashland Creek Press (don’t miss the Ashland Creek Press vintage typewriter notecards).

to FUZE Publishing on The Mother Daughter Show, a satire of the Sidwell Friends School. FUZE author Natalie Wexler’s new novel was recently interviewed on The Washington Post.

About Ed Battistella

Edwin Battistella’s latest book Sorry About That: The Language of Public Apology was released by Oxford University Press in June of 2014.
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